Nasdaq: anti-coronavirus companies stocks to invest in now

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On the stock market, all the losses since the beginning of 2020 have been recovered thanks to the companies favored by the coronavirus crisis, the price list driven above all by the “Faang”, the big names in technology and the Internet: Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google. But companies in the biotech sector are also growing rapidly and are stocks to invest in now.

The Nasdaq, the list of the most innovative companies, seems to be immune to coronavirus: in fact, the Nasdaq 100, the stock market index that selects the most important stocks in this category, has returned to positive since the beginning of the year. In contrast, the other lists are still in deep red.

The Nasdaq manages to resist the global health emergency, as well as worrying data coming from the real economy. Last week in the US over five million more unemployment claims, which thus brought the total in over a month to over 22 million new subsidies.

Coronavirus crisis: Faang super stars in the stock markets

To push the Nasdaq 100 index was above all the more than positive performance of the Faang, worth of the big giants of technology and the internet (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google), again close to their historic highs.

Over the past four weeks, Amazon has grown 33% to $ 2,178 on the stock exchange. For Barclays analysts, there is still room for the top, up to the $ 2,500 level. The e-commerce giant is taking advantage of travel restrictions and the consequent strong increase in spending on the Internet. Similar trend for Netflix as well as for Google.

Growth of the biotech sector on the stock markets

However, biotech companies engaged in the search for new medicines are also gaining on Nasdaq. For example, on Friday the Gilead stock jumped on the stock exchange after the news of progress in the search for a cure against Covid-19. The increase came after University of Chicago medical researchers said they experienced “rapid healings” in patients treated with his experimental drug Remdesivir, an antiviral. In one week the stock has gained almost 18%.

Regeneron is also among the companies listed on the american technological list that is considered among those later in the discovery of the possible cure. The stock last week gained nearly 13 percentage points. Also in the same category are also names like Vir Biotechnology and Moderna.

As I have already explained in article Coronavirus and markets, healthcare remains a defense sector?, biotech is an area to invest in now.

Disinfectants and protections growing on the markets

In the forefront of the fight against the virus there are also companies that manufacture and sell medical analysis devices, disinfectants, monitoring apps. This is the case, for example, with Co-Diagnostics. The US company specializes in analysis kits and is also working on a rapid anti-Covid-19 analysis solution. In a week, the company’s quotes rose 47%.

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