Managing the bank account and investing: 3 useful apps for smartphones

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The use of technology and apps has greatly facilitated the control of one’s own expenses and savings. Here is a list of 3 apps to manage your bank account, organize your savings like in a virtual piggy bank and invest.

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There are many apps to save and invest, with different functionalities and intended for partly different purposes: I described some of them in articles published some time ago (3 Apps to invest with your smartphone, no cost or almost), let’s see others that could be useful.

Goin, app to manage the bank account and savings to invest

Developed in Spain, Goin has earned several awards (including the most innovative Spanish FinTech startup in 2018). The app allows you to securely link a bank account and use various functions to save money in a digital piggy bank. Currently there are four “strategies”:

  • Roundup: a function that rounds up the expenses made and sets aside a component of the expense.
  • Retention: this option will keep a portion of each income received in the piggy bank.
  • Auto Top Up: a savings program set by the user, which aims to save part of the money with various frequency options (monthly, weekly, daily).
  • Challenge: to eliminate bad habits by associating savings with good deeds.

Goin also allows you to invest your in ETF, cryptocurrencies and crowd lending.

Mint, the bank account manager

This app allows you to intuitively control all your bank accounts and prepaid cards, keeping track of incomes and expenses, recording the various transactions carried out and tracking an overall balance.

Oval, app for planning expenses and investments

The main goal of Oval is to extract an adequate investment plan from the user’s spending and saving habits. Also in this case it will be necessary to connect your bank accounts to the app. The saving functions are varied and can also be linked to particular actions (for example, putting money aside every time a photo is posted on social networks).

The offer relating to investments is particularly varied, with the possibility of buying ETFs, thematic funds, insurance products and much more.

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