Investing apps: the 7 best free for your smartphone

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Investment and portfolio management requires real-time information and news, tools to move money, open and close trading positions, sell and buy stocks, ETFs, CFDs and everything else: let’s see the 7 best free apps for smartphones, in order to better invest in the markets.

best investing apps

Thanks to the internet and new generation smartphones, investing in financial markets is easy and fast without the use of a PC or, in any case, a fixed online trading station. In addition, all the information, all the data and all the quotes in real time are present on the internet and are useful for making investment decisions.

Apps to manage investments and portfolios are now indispensable because they allow investors to have updated news and quotes in real time, but also to buy and sell stocks, trade and more. These are the 7 free investing apps more useful to install on your smartphone.

Best investing apps, 7 free for your smartphone

Yahoo! Finance is a complete application for finding information, data and financial statements on companies listed on stock exchanges all over the world. It is also possible to create watchlists and receive information and notifications only on the titles of interest.

Webull is the app of the US broker of the same name: it stands out because it is a native mobile application with an intuitive and beautiful graphic interface, and offers complete information on the markets. The Webull app, with regards to securities, offers alerts when the market price rises above or breaks down a threshold that has been set and set by the user.

Simply Wall Street is a mobile app that provides an overview for each security that leads the app to set a score. In the free version of Simply Wall Street the overview is on a maximum of 10 securities per month, the pay version costs about $ 10 a month and there is no limitation. For its characteristics, therefore, the Simply Wall Street app for investing is very useful., like Simply Wall Street, is an indispensable application for those who buy and sell shares as it is excellent for following not only individual stocks, but also entire market indices. Furthermore, among the strengths of the app, there is the “Economic calendar” section so as not to miss any sensitive financial events concerning the individual security or economy. In other words, in this section there is everything that moves or can move the financial markets.

CNBC and Bloomberg apps are the recommended mobile applications for those who do not want to miss the economic and financial news when they are not in front of the computer.

App of your online broker or bank: last but certainly not in importance, but only because I cannot review the app of the bank or broker that you have chosen. It is important that, for the open investment account, your intermediary allows you to operate via mobile app from any place and at any time, especially when there is an urgent need to close a gain position or to cut losses.

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