Buy stocks on Wall Street: 5 shares to buy now

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What are the best stocks to buy now or put on a checklist? According to’s Michael Larkin, the top 5 shares currently listed on Wall Street are Microsoft (MSFT), Apple (AAPL), PayPal (PYPL), ASML (ASML) and UnitedHealth (UNH). Let’s see why.

stocks to buy now

Buying stocks is easy, but buying the right stocks without a time tested strategy is incredibly difficult. An easy strategy to invest in equities is to follow the big investors and the most important analysts, which is why I summarize you because according to Michael Larkin ( it is convenient to buy Apple, PayPal, Microsoft, UnitedHealth, ASML, shares listed on Wall Street now.

Why buy Apple shares

Apple (AAPL) is considering delaying the launch of its first 5G smartphones by a few months, perhaps in 2021. The coronavirus crisis has threatened Apple’s production program and global demand as well. But in reality the Apple shares on the market are stronger than anything since the current price is slightly lower than the historical maximum.

Why buy PayPal shares

Michael Larkin reports that some analysts believe that PayPal (PYPL) will outperform the recession better than many other companies active in the processing of electronic payments. In addition, Wedbush Securities analyst Moshe Katri noted that there has been a huge shift in credit card transactions to those without using plastic money. And this bodes well for online payment companies such as PayPal.

Why buy Microsoft shares

Microsoft shares (MSFT) are those of one of the few listed companies in the United States with a market capitalization of the order of trillions of dollars. Analysts estimate Microsoft’s earnings will increase by 20% in fiscal 2020, and 9% in 2021. The latest quarterly report also showed strong profit growth fueled by cloud computing services in high demand during the lockdown for the coronavirus.

Why buy UnitedHealth shares

UnitedHealth (UNH) earnings have grown an average of 22% in the past three years, a sizeable percentage for a company that capitalizes $ 289 billion on Wall Street. According to the editor of, his status as a long-term leader, and as a non-tech company, implies that UNH can balance portfolios with high volatility stocks.

Why buy ASML shares

In the semiconductor sector, the ASML stock fell 40% from the end of February to the end of March, that is to say in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. But the turnaround has been so strong to the point now that ASML’s stock prices have grown by about 7% since the beginning of the year.

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