3 Apps to invest with your smartphone (no cost or almost)

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To invest easily with your smartphone, there are very interesting and easy-to-use applications that allow small investments, even just 5 dollars or euros: let’s see how Gimme5, Investica and Motif Investing work.

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Fintech (financial-technologies) is a concept that concerns the technological innovations of the financial industry. In recent years, fintech has been revolutionizing traditional financial services, from digital payments to money transfers to savings and investment.

As for the latter type of services, fintech companies offer digital and increasingly investing apps and services. In a previous article I described 7 investing apps that provide news, indices and data, now let’s see 3 apps to invest with the smartphone: Investica, Gimme5 and Motif Investing, which allow small investments in mutual funds and stocks.


Investica is an Indian app that offers the possibility to invest in mutual funds.

How does Investica work? The app offers investors mutual funds according to the different categories of membership (monetary, small cap, mid cap, large cap, tax saving). The investor can invest by choosing the fund that best suits his risk needs.

How much does Investica cost? The cost depends on the type of fund you are investing in and, in addition, Investica reserves the right to apply other costs based on the performance achieved.


Designed by AcomeA SGR, Gimme5 is an Italian app that gives you the opportunity to save and invest in mutual funds starting from just 5 euros or dollars.

How does Gimme5 work? This app for investing operates as a “digital piggy bank” which aims to accumulate savings over time in total simplicity and flexibility. The user can select a risk profile from Prudent, Dynamic or Aggressive or select the other mutual funds actively managed by AcomeA. In addition, Gimme5 offers users the possibility of being supported by friends and relatives to achieve their savings target, such as a holiday, wedding or new car.

How much does Gimme5 cost? The app is totally free and does not include activation fees if the consultancy service is not used. The annual costs depend on the management fees, which vary from 0.30% up to 1% based on the chosen fund, and on the performance fees that are triggered when the fund records a higher gain than the benchmark.

Motif Investing

Motif Investing app offers thematic portfolios for individual investors and financial advisors.

How does Motif Investing work? A “motif” is a portfolio made up of 30 financial securities that reflect an investment theme or trend of the moment. For example, the “Black Gold” has energy and oil companies inside it while the “Social networking” groups the titles related to the world of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Weibo.

How much does Motif Investing cost? The cost to invest in a Motif portfolio starts from 0.25% per annum on the invested capital.

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